18:00 Paradigm shift in treatment of addiction holds promise, thanks to epigenetics, Neuroscience

17:59 Researchers develop a novel device to image the minute forces and actions involved in cell membrane hemifusion, Biochemistry

17:58 Team presents induction-powered biosensor chips detecting many molecules in vivo, Engineering

17:07 Do people transmit happiness by smell?, Psychology & Psychiatry

15:58 Subway riders' smartphones could carry tracking malware, Security

14:46 Periscope streaming app spreads to Android smartphones, Internet

14:45 On-demand X-rays at synchrotron light sources, General Physics

14:40 Babies can think before they can speak, Psychology & Psychiatry

14:40 New chip makes testing for antibiotic-resistant bacteria faster, easier, Analytical Chemistry

14:28 Watching worms will help humans age more gracefully, Space Exploration

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