13:13 Climate change increases risk of crop slowdown in next 20 years, Environment

11:30 Researcher part of team studying ways to better predict intensity of hurricanes, Earth Sciences

11:20 New molecule puts scientists a step closer to understanding hydrogen storage, Materials Science

11:10 First in-situ images of void collapse in explosives, General Physics

10:30 Bacteria manipulate salt to build shelters to hibernate, Space Exploration

10:30 How do we terraform Venus?, Space Exploration

10:30 The first supercomputer simulations of 'spin–orbit' forces between neutrons and protons in an atomic nucleus, General Physics

10:20 Existence of two-dimensional nanomaterial silicene questioned, Nanomaterials

10:00 Google Baseline Study aims to define what a healthy human looks like, Internet

09:51 Magnets for fusion energy: A revolutionary manufacturing method developed, Superconductivity

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