11:20 Chandra weighs most massive galaxy cluster in distant universe, Astronomy

11:00 How the physics of champagne bubbles may help address the world's future energy needs, General Physics

10:50 NASA considers possibilities for manned mission to Venus, Space Exploration

10:30 Studies show a pathway for imported proteins through cell membrane that can be hijacked by toxins, Cell & Microbiology

10:20 SpaceX delays space station delivery until January, Space Exploration

10:14 Nature offers video of 10 cutest animals of 2014, Plants & Animals

10:05 Improving forecasts for rain-on-snow flooding, Earth Sciences

09:21 The Greenland Ice Sheet: Now in HD, Earth Sciences

09:05 New technique moves researchers closer to new range of GaN biosensors, Materials Science

08:47 A renewable bioplastic made from squid proteins, Materials Science

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