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Phys.org™ (formerly Physorg.com) is a leading web-based science, research and technology news service which covers a full range of topics. These include physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies. Launched in 2004, Phys.org’s readership has grown steadily to include 1.75 million scientists, researchers, and engineers every month. Phys.org publishes approximately 100 quality articles every day, offering some of the most comprehensive coverage of sci-tech developments world-wide. Quancast 2009 includes Phys.org in its list of the Global Top 2,000 Websites.


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Follow daily spotlight science and technology stories with the new Phys.org News app.

Get instant updates on the latest science headlines in one convenient app, featuring additional tablet-optimized and iPad-optimized layouts for optimal user experience.

Free app content is limited to selected spotlight stories. The optional monthly subscription plan for just $0.99 provides unlimited access to all Phys.org stories. A purchased subscription can be used on all your Android/Apple devices. *

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Amazon Kindle

Readers can subscribe to Phys.org stories through the Amazon Kindle e-reader. The "Spotlight News" feed offers the top 40 or so stories of the day. Readers who are primarily interested in a specific subject can subscribe to one of five channel feeds, which provide all stories in that subject. The five channel feeds are Space and Earth, Technology and Electronics, Biology and Chemistry, Physics and Nanotechnology, and Medicine and Health.

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