11:00 Breakthrough study discovers six changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria, Cell & Microbiology

07:58 First evidence that reptiles can learn through imitation, Plants & Animals

06:40 Engineers devise technology for rapidly testing drug-delivery vehicles in zebrafish, Biotechnology

05:51 Bats may be mistaking wind turbines for trees, Ecology

Sep 29 MaxBin: Automated sorting through metagenomes, Biotechnology

Sep 29 Research shows viral DNA infects cells by changing from solid to fluid-like state, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 29 Dolphins are attracted to magnets, Plants & Animals

Sep 29 Ancient human genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins, Biotechnology

Sep 28 Human genome was shaped by an evolutionary arms race with itself, Biotechnology

Sep 26 Scientists discover new poison dart frog species in Donoso, Panama, Plants & Animals

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