15:29 In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves, Cell & Microbiology

15:25 Powerful tool promises to change the way scientists view proteins, Biotechnology

15:00 Scientists reveal global patterns of specialized feeding in insect herbivores, Plants & Animals

14:40 Canceled flights: For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease, Plants & Animals

14:00 Baleen whales hear through their bones, Plants & Animals

14:00 Researchers determine key element in circadian clock speed, Cell & Microbiology

12:31 Who's going to win? The answer could change by the hour, Other

12:28 Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals, Biotechnology

12:27 Why is a dolphin not a cat? How repurposing non-coding elements in genome gave rise to great 'mammalian radiation', Biotechnology

12:23 New research shows our seas are in trouble, Ecology

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