Jan 29 Who's going to win? The answer could change by the hour, Other

Jan 29 Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals, Biotechnology

Jan 29 Why is a dolphin not a cat? How repurposing non-coding elements in genome gave rise to great 'mammalian radiation', Biotechnology

Jan 29 New research shows our seas are in trouble, Ecology

Jan 29 Growing functioning brain tissue in 3D, Cell & Microbiology

Jan 29 X-ray study reveals division of labor in cell health protein, Cell & Microbiology

Jan 29 Starving honey bees lose self-control, Plants & Animals

Jan 29 Tracking fish easier, quicker, safer with new injectable device, Ecology

Jan 28 Did genetic links to modern maladies provide ancient benefits?, Biotechnology

Jan 28 Blind beetles show extraordinary signs of sight, Plants & Animals

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