11:20 Mass deaths of rare Kazakhstan antelopes stir conservation fears, Ecology

May 29 Insect mating behavior has lessons for drones, Plants & Animals

May 29 Biologists demonstrate how signals in plant roots determine the activity of stem cells, Cell & Microbiology

May 29 Bacterial tenants in fungal quarters, Biotechnology

May 29 Cold improves longevity for some C. elegans worms, shortens life span for others, Cell & Microbiology

May 29 Honey bee behavior altered by insecticides, Plants & Animals

May 29 Natural enzyme examined as antibiotics alternative, Other

May 29 Predictive tool to identify sequences causing mutations, genome instability and diseases, Biotechnology

May 29 China crushes half a tonne of ivory in symbolic gesture, Ecology

May 29 Godwits are flexible... when they get the chance, Plants & Animals

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