19:00 Study shows sharks have personalities, Plants & Animals

15:40 Alaska refuge proposes killing invasive caribou, Ecology

14:32 Proving 'group selection': Spider colonies need the correct mix of personalities to survive, Plants & Animals

14:28 New study provides key to identifying spiders in international cargo, Plants & Animals

13:16 New approach can predict impact of climate change on species that can't get out of the way, Ecology

13:00 Genetic secrets of the monarch butterfly revealed, Plants & Animals

10:50 Researchers find animals killed by anthrax leave behind enticing grasses for herbivores, allowing disease to spread, Cell & Microbiology

10:30 Nature collides with James Bond: Newly discovered ant species hides in plain sight, Plants & Animals

10:13 Research confirms controversial Darwin theory of 'jump dispersal', Evolution

09:38 What happens when good genes get lost?, Cell & Microbiology

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