12:00 Dogs hear our words and how we say them, Plants & Animals

10:35 Amazonian shrimps: An underwater world still unknown, Plants & Animals

09:30 Factors that drive sexual traits, Plants & Animals

09:27 Barnacles hold clues about how climate change is affecting the deep ocean, Ecology

08:53 Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration, study says, Evolution

08:00 Study reveals tiger shark movements around Maui and Oahu, Plants & Animals

07:25 Female termites found to clone themselves via asexual reproduction, Plants & Animals

07:10 Scientific methods shed new light on evolution of kinship patterns, Evolution

06:50 'Subirdia' author urges appreciation of birds that co-exist where we work, live, play, Ecology

06:50 Brain folding, Evolution

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