Aug 19 Laser optical tweezers reveal how malaria parasites infect red blood cells (w/ Video), Biochemistry

Aug 19 Highly conductive organic metal looks promising for disposable electronic devices, Materials Science

Aug 18 Bionic liquids from lignin: New results pave the way for closed loop biofuel refineries, Materials Science

Aug 18 Scientists win race to find structure of rare nematode virus, Biochemistry

Aug 18 Engineering long-lasting joint lubrication by mimicking nature, Materials Science

Aug 18 Cherry picking molecules based on their Pi electrons, Materials Science

Aug 15 Researchers discover a way to cause surface coating properties to change in less than a second, Polymers

Aug 14 Chemists uncover powerful new click chemistry reactivity, Materials Science

Aug 14 To bolster lithium battery life, add a little salt, Materials Science

Aug 14 New material could be used for energy storage, Materials Science

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