Jul 21 Chemists eye improved thin films with metal substitution, Materials Science

Jul 21 Artificial skin flexes when it comes into contact with a solvent vapour, Materials Science

Jul 21 Researchers create safe, resistant material to store waste, Materials Science

Jul 20 A noble gas cage: New material traps gases from nuclear fuel better, Materials Science

Jul 18 Nature's strongest glue comes unstuck, Materials Science

Jul 18 Clay minerals are a possible new answer to MRSA and other 'superbug' infections, Materials Science

Jul 18 Shapeshifting plastics could revolutionize microrobotics and minimally invasive surgery, Polymers

Jul 17 Lipoic acid helps restore, synchronize the 'biological clock', Biochemistry

Jul 17 Scientists sleuth out proteins involved in Crohn's disease, Biochemistry

Jul 17 Improving the cost and efficiency of renewable energy storage, Materials Science

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