Aug 24 Mimicking natural evolution with 'promiscuous reactions' to improve the diversity of drugs, Materials Science

Aug 22 Proteins: New class of materials discovered, Materials Science

Aug 22 Scientists develop a water splitter that runs on an ordinary AAA battery, Materials Science

Aug 21 Researchers develop models to study polyelectrolytes, including DNA and RNA, Materials Science

Aug 21 Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel, Materials Science

Aug 21 Researchers create engineered energy absorbing material, Materials Science

Aug 21 Solar fuels as generated by nature, Materials Science

Aug 21 New tool identifies therapeutic proteins in a 'snap', Biochemistry

Aug 21 Insulin offers new hope for the treatment of acute pancreatitis, Biochemistry

Aug 20 Water leads to chemical that gunks up biofuels production, Materials Science

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