Oct 16 New catalyst could improve biofuels production, Materials Science

Oct 15 Dolphin 'breathalyzer' could help diagnose animal and ocean health, Analytical Chemistry

Oct 14 Protein found in insect blood that helps power pests' immune responses, Biochemistry

Oct 14 Scientists create new protein-based material with some nerve, Biochemistry

Oct 14 Unique catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells synthesized in ordinary kitchen microwave oven, Materials Science

Oct 13 Novel chemistry turns conventional polymers into biomedical supermaterials, Materials Science

Oct 10 Structure of hepatitis C virus envelope protein an early step toward vaccine, therapies, Biochemistry

Oct 10 Liquid water fails to keep ions apart, Materials Science

Oct 09 Electrically conductive plastics promising for batteries, solar cells, Polymers

Oct 09 New technique yields fast results in drug, biomedical testing, Analytical Chemistry

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