May 27 Stress triggers key molecule to halt transcription of cell's genetic code, Biochemistry

May 26 Researchers develop a novel device to image the minute forces and actions involved in cell membrane hemifusion, Biochemistry

May 26 New chip makes testing for antibiotic-resistant bacteria faster, easier, Analytical Chemistry

May 26 Researchers find 'decoder ring' powers in micro RNA, Biochemistry

May 26 DNA mutations get harder to hide, Biochemistry

May 26 Toward solid-state molecular circuitry: Molecular shuttle within a metal-organic framework, Materials Science

May 25 Engineer develops real-time listeria biosensor prototype, Biochemistry

May 25 Faster, portable microbial analysis in the field, Analytical Chemistry

May 22 The seashell-inspired material inspiring a new wave of safety gear in sport, Materials Science

May 21 Modern alchemy: Chemists devise synthesis of valuable exotic compounds, Materials Science

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