Jun 24 Giving atoms their marching orders, Materials Science

Jun 24 Scientists making progress on self-repairing aircraft parts, Materials Science

Jun 24 Eavesdropping on the body: New device tracks chemical signals within cells, Analytical Chemistry

Jun 24 New technique to accurately detect the 'handedness' of molecules in a mixture, Materials Science

Jun 23 'Pick and mix' smart materials for robotics, Materials Science

Jun 23 Single-catalyst water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7, Materials Science

Jun 22 Researchers create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells, Biochemistry

Jun 22 New system for fluid release could improve anti-fouling, drug delivery and self-healing materials, Polymers

Jun 22 New technique for 'seeing' ions at work in a supercapacitor, Materials Science

Jun 22 Expanding the DNA alphabet: 'Extra' DNA base found to be stable in mammals, Biochemistry

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