05:11 'Bulletproof' battery: Kevlar membrane for safer, thinner lithium rechargeables, Nanophysics

Jan 26 Researchers use oxides to flip graphene conductivity, Nanomaterials

Jan 26 Engineering self-assembling amyloid fibers, Bio & Medicine

Jan 26 Electronic circuits with reconfigurable pathways closer to reality, Nanophysics

Jan 26 Nanoshuttle wear and tear: It's the mileage, not the age, Bio & Medicine

Jan 26 Visualizing interacting electrons in a molecule, Nanophysics

Jan 26 Researchers make magnetic graphene, Nanomaterials

Jan 23 The latest fashion: Graphene edges can be tailor-made, Nanomaterials

Jan 23 Silver nanowires demonstrate unexpected self-healing mechanism, Nanophysics

Jan 23 New technique helps probe performance of organic solar cell materials, Nanophysics

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