05:29 Linking superconductivity and structure, Superconductivity

05:27 On the trail of the clever snail: Animals, like humans, excel at some tasks but not others, Plants & Animals

05:25 OECD eyes 'enormous' economic gains from better education, Social Sciences

05:20 Audi R8 e-tron aims for high performance and self-driving tech, Hi Tech & Innovation

04:16 104,000 taxpayers have personal info stolen from IRS website, Security

04:15 Glacier changes at the top of the world: Over 70 percent of glacier volume in Everest region could be lost by 2100, Earth Sciences

02:46 Smartphones, Twitter help gauge crowd size, Computer Sciences

May 26 Paradigm shift in treatment of addiction holds promise, thanks to epigenetics, Neuroscience

May 26 Researchers develop a novel device to image the minute forces and actions involved in cell membrane hemifusion, Biochemistry

May 26 Team presents induction-powered biosensor chips detecting many molecules in vivo, Engineering

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