07:50 'Slow motion at the speed of light', Telecom

07:48 Unlocking the key to immunological memory in bacteria, Cell & Microbiology

07:40 How an FDA-approved drug boosts myelin synthesis, Neuroscience

07:27 Where do stars form in merging galaxies?, Astronomy

07:26 Rhodopsin on track: Biological pigment aligns in double rows, General Physics

07:23 New study brings medicine closer to non-addictive painkillers, Biochemistry

03:06 Solar plane passes new test ahead of planned world tour, Energy & Green Tech

03:00 Treadmill performance predicts mortality: New formula gauges 10-year risk of dying, Cardiology

02:48 Alzheimer amyloid clumps found in young adult brains, Alzheimer's disease & dementia

02:44 Japanese firm behind Ebola drug says tests offer 'hope', Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

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