Sep 18 World population to keep growing this century, hit 11 billion by 2100, Social Sciences

Sep 18 Study shows how epigenetic memory is passed across generations, Biotechnology

Sep 18 New molecule allows for increase in stem cell transplants, Medical research

Sep 18 Human sense of fairness evolved to favor long-term cooperation, Evolution

Sep 18 Nuclear spins control current in plastic LED: Step toward quantum computing, spintronic memory, better displays, General Physics

Sep 18 A more efficient, lightweight and low-cost organic solar cell, Energy & Green Tech

Sep 18 Ultrafast spikes carry supra-kilohertz signals in the cerebellum, Neuroscience

Sep 18 Peugeot hybrid compressed-air car set for Paris Motor Show, Energy & Green Tech

Sep 18 Stem cells use 'first aid kits' to repair damage, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 18 Scientists uncover the neural basis of confidence in the rat brain, Neuroscience

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