Jan 26 Hybrid memory device for superconducting computing, Superconductivity

Jan 26 Entanglement on a chip: Breakthrough promises secure communications and faster computers, Optics & Photonics

Jan 26 Physicist suggests new experiments could make or break axion as dark matter theory, General Physics

Jan 26 Structure control unlocks magnetization and polarization simultaneously, Condensed Matter

Jan 26 Engineering discovery brings invisibility closer to reality, General Physics

Jan 23 Infrared imaging technique operates at high temperatures, General Physics

Jan 23 First-of-its-kind tube laser created for on-chip optical communications, Optics & Photonics

Jan 23 Scientists search for new ways to deal with US uranium ore processing legacy, General Physics

Jan 23 Physicists find a new way to slow the speed of light, General Physics

Jan 22 Scientists 'bend' elastic waves with new metamaterials that could have commercial applications, General Physics

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