15:00 New 'topological insulator' could lead to superfast computers, General Physics

Sep 22 Researchers design plasmonic cavity-free nanolaser, Optics & Photonics

Sep 22 Sandia magnetized fusion technique produces significant results, Plasma Physics

Sep 21 Longer distance quantum teleportation achieved, Quantum Physics

Sep 21 Uncovering the forbidden side of molecules, General Physics

Sep 21 Theorists find a new way to improve efficiency of solar cells by overcoming exciton 'traps', Condensed Matter

Sep 19 Experiment with speeding ions verifies relativistic time dilation to new level of precision, General Physics

Sep 19 How Paramecium protozoa claw their way to the top, General Physics

Sep 19 Study helps uncover mechanism behind solid-solid phase transitions, Condensed Matter

Sep 19 Germanium tin could mean better and cheaper infrared cameras in smartphones, Optics & Photonics

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