Oct 24 Flatland, we hardly knew ye: Unique 1-D metasurface acts as polarized beam splitter, allows novel form of holography, Optics & Photonics

Oct 24 Strongly interacting electrons turn oxide interfaces into magnetically controlled and extra-efficient solar cells, Condensed Matter

Oct 24 When parallel worlds collide, quantum mechanics is born, Quantum Physics

Oct 24 Three-dimensional metamaterials with a natural bent, Condensed Matter

Oct 23 New microscope collects dynamic images of the molecules that animate life, General Physics

Oct 23 Scientists develop compact medical imaging device, Optics & Photonics

Oct 23 Inauguration of second neutrino detector for Double Chooz experiment, General Physics

Oct 23 New experiment provides route to macroscopic high-mass superpositions, Quantum Physics

Oct 23 Researchers devise broad-bandwidth amplifier that ups gain by more than 10 db, Superconductivity

Oct 23 Microscopic "walkers" find their way across cell surfaces, General Physics

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