15:11 Evidence mounts for quantum criticality theory, Superconductivity

Jan 30 Black holes do not exist where space and time do not exist, says new theory, General Physics

Jan 30 Scaling up armor systems, Condensed Matter

Jan 30 Seeking cracks in the Standard Model, General Physics

Jan 30 The first optically synchronised free-electron laser, Optics & Photonics

Jan 30 Toward practical quantum computers: Technique extends duration of fragile quantum states, Quantum Physics

Jan 29 Generating Mobius strips of light: Researchers experimentally produce these structures from light polarization, Optics & Photonics

Jan 29 Research group figures out a way to film a laser in normal air bouncing off mirrors (w/ Video), General Physics

Jan 29 Quantum computer makes finding new physics more difficult, Quantum Physics

Jan 29 Could a new proposed particle help to detect dark matter?, General Physics

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