Dec 18 How the physics of champagne bubbles may help address the world's future energy needs, General Physics

Dec 18 Using the power of a trillion light bulbs to map the nano-world, General Physics

Dec 18 Physicists advance understanding of transition metal oxides used in electronics, Condensed Matter

Dec 18 Motion of two electrons in helium atom can be imaged and controlled with attosecond-timed laser flashes, General Physics

Dec 18 Electron spin could be the key to high-temperature superconductivity, Superconductivity

Dec 17 Ultrafast imaging of complex systems in 3D at near atomic resolution nears, General Physics

Dec 17 Electric field switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature, General Physics

Dec 17 Attack on classical cryptography system raises security questions, Quantum Physics

Dec 17 What's next for the Large Hadron Collider?, General Physics

Dec 17 With collider set to reboot, physicists look beyond the Higgs, General Physics

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