Nov 22 Search continues at ancient Greek burial mound (Update), Archaeology & Fossils

Nov 21 Texas OKs most new history textbooks amid outcry, Social Sciences

Nov 21 Not all baseball stars treated equally in TV steroid coverage, says study of network news, Social Sciences

Nov 21 Research examines an emerging issue: Treatment of transgendered prison populations, Social Sciences

Nov 21 When shareholders exacerbate their own banks' crisis, Economics & Business

Nov 21 Trouble with your boss? Own it, Economics & Business

Nov 21 Engineers develop gift guide for parents, Other

Nov 21 Employees of small, locally owned businesses have more company loyalty, study finds, Economics & Business

Nov 21 Knowing a 'scurrie' from a 'myaave' - women play vital role in dialect preservation, Social Sciences

Nov 21 Study identifies why re-educating torturers may not work, Social Sciences

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