10:25 World population likely to peak by 2070, Social Sciences

09:44 Bullying in schools is still prevalent, national report says, Social Sciences

08:30 Ten years on, scientists still debating the origins of Homo floresiensis—the 'Hobbit', Archaeology & Fossils

08:10 Study shows more than half of peer-reviewed research articles published during 2007-2012 are now open access, Other

07:50 Report shines spotlight on incapacitating chemical agent weapons, Other

07:00 Insider trading study shows stronger enforcement, Economics & Business

06:45 Megalodon shark became extinct 2.6 million years ago, Archaeology & Fossils

06:21 Study examines effects of credentialing, personalization, Social Sciences

06:19 New evidence on Neanderthal mixing, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 22 No silver bullet: Study identifies risk factors of youth charged with murder, Social Sciences

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