07:30 Brian Schmidt discusses the fast-firing universe, Astronomy

07:28 China Telecom says profit down 9 percent due to tax change, Business

07:28 Sweden speeds up closure of two nuclear reactors, Energy & Green Tech

07:28 Barking mad? Doggie DNA to track foulers in London, Plants & Animals

07:27 Endangered corals smothered by sponges on overfished Caribbean reefs, Environment

06:10 Marcia Bartusiak on black holes and the history of science, Astronomy

06:00 Scientists uncover the microscopic origin of a magnetic phase in iron-based superconductors, Superconductivity

05:49 Intertwining of superconductivity and magnetism, Superconductivity

05:49 Locusts provide insight into brain response to stimuli, senses, Plants & Animals

05:41 Unique microscopic images provide new insights into ionic liquids, Materials Science

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