17:30 NASA deep-space rocket, SLS, to launch in 2018, Space Exploration

17:30 US protects 20 species of coral as threatened (Update), Environment

17:28 MERS virus doesn't seem to spread easily, study finds, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

17:25 US judge rejects Apple bid to ban Samsung smartphones, Business

17:19 Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting, Ecology

17:16 No cookie-cutter divorces, so what info should online co-parenting classes offer?, Psychology & Psychiatry

17:15 NASA begins hurricane mission with Global Hawk flight to Cristobal, Earth Sciences

17:14 The high cost of hot flashes: Millions in lost wages preventable, Health

17:13 A touching story: The ancient conversation between plants, fungi and bacteria, Biotechnology

17:12 Novel 'butterfly' molecule could build new sensors, photoenergy conversion devices, Analytical Chemistry

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