09:00 Herschel's hunt for filaments in the Milky Way, Astronomy

08:40 Microbes can survive in meteorites if shielded from UV radiation, study says, Space Exploration

08:22 Sharp-eyed ALMA spots a flare on famous red giant star, Astronomy

05:28 How comets were assembled, Space Exploration

May 28 Dawn spirals closer to Ceres, returns a new view, Space Exploration

May 28 NASA telescopes set limits on space-time quantum 'foam', Astronomy

May 28 Large Hubble survey confirms link between mergers and supermassive black holes with relativistic jets, Astronomy

May 28 The kinematics of merging galaxies, Astronomy

May 28 New Horizons sees more detail as it draws closer to Pluto, Space Exploration

May 27 Hubble video shows shock collision inside black hole jet, Astronomy

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