Oct 31 Drivebot aims to touch driver bases for safety, savings, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 31 HP announces Sprout—a truly innovative workstation, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 31 Method to reconstruct overt and covert speech, Engineering

Oct 31 DARPA circuit achieves speeds of 1 trillion cycles per second, earns Guinness world record, Semiconductors

Oct 30 AeroMobil 3.0 transforms from car to flying car, Hi Tech & Innovation

Oct 30 Researchers develop hybrid fluid transmission enabling light and swift robotic arms, Robotics

Oct 30 Microsoft unveils fitness gadget, health tracking, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 30 Google DeepMind acquisition researchers working on a Neural Turing Machine, Computer Sciences

Oct 30 New system would allow programmers to easily trade computational accuracy for energy savings, Computer Sciences

Oct 30 Calculating encryption schemes' theoretical security guarantees eases comparison, improvement, Computer Sciences

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