Feb 27 Barclays to allow payments by using Twitter handles, Internet

Feb 27 New process recycles valuable rare earth metals from old electronics, Engineering

Feb 27 Researchers find 3-D printed parts to provide low-cost, custom alternatives for lab equipment, Engineering

Feb 27 Brain signals turn into drone commands in Lisbon presentation, Hi Tech & Innovation

Feb 26 Spotify deals with random shuffle and us mortals, Internet

Feb 26 Social circles: Study details the degree to which urban movement is linked to social activity, Computer Sciences

Feb 26 New paper focuses on degree centrality in networks, Computer Sciences

Feb 26 Research pair finds color a big factor in how much an image is shared on Pinterest, Internet

Feb 26 Linguists tackle computational analysis of grammar, Computer Sciences

Feb 26 Pebble turns to crowdfunding (again) for latest smartwatch, Consumer & Gadgets

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